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Originating from the North-American continent, Poker is a card game whose essence is relished in various parts of the globe. Although featuring several variants, the common principle of poker remains unaltered throughout. It is played among several players, where the criteria of winning depend upon the rarity of combination of the cards that a player possesses. Higher the rarity, greater is the chance of winning a round on Betist.

General Principles

The diversity in the forms of poker allows any number of players from two to fourteen to have a match but generally, six to eight players sit down for a round. Two specific players are designated as the big-blind and the small-blind, who put up some money on the table before the commencement of each round.

During a round, players bet their money or raise their bets after looking at their cards. The total money accumulated from all the active players is generally known as the “pot”. At any time, a player can fold i.e. can withdraw from the proceedings of a specific round but the money that he/she has put up on the table until that point will not be refunded.

The Flow of The Game

At the beginning of each round, the big-blind and the small-blind place their money on the table. After that, two cards are allotted to all the players following which, they can either bet a certain amount of money for the next card to be shown by the dealer or can check (i.e. bet no money). If any player bets, the other players have the liberty to call (i.e. throw the same amount of money into the pot), fold or raise.

After the settlement of the bet, the dealer unfolds three new cards on the table known as “The Flop”. With the principles of bet, raise and fold being the same, the dealer unfolds another card, “The Turn” and at last, unfolds the final card, “The River” after which all the players have to show their cards. The player with the rarest combination wins.

With the faces of international poker players like Justin Bonomo, Daniel Negreanu and so on, the game of poker might seem very promising but at the end of the day, it is just a game of probability and risk-management, hence one should not get carried away and bet their essential survival money on the line in this sport.

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